Video Surveillance

Web Camera Pro offers a range of features that make monitoring and surveillance easier than ever before.

For businesses, Web Camera Pro offers total flexibility in choosing a solution that fits their needs, with options for both low cost and high quality setups. And the best part? Setup takes just minutes, allowing you to start monitoring your business with ease.

But Web Camera Pro isn't just for businesses - it's also a great option for home security. With immediate notifications via telegram messenger, you can stay informed about what's happening on your property at all times. And if nefarious individuals are up to no good, you can capture their movements with ease.
But Web Camera Pro isn't just for indoor surveillance - it also offers outdoor monitoring capabilities. You can receive notifications when someone stays on or around your property, and Web Camera Pro can even alert you when a person or object crosses the camera's field of view.
For businesses looking to promote themselves, Web Camera Pro offers broadcast camera capabilities, making it easy to embed IP camera footage on your website. And if you prefer to keep your surveillance private, Web Camera Pro also allows you to set up password protection.
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Finally, Web Camera Pro allows you to share your cameras with friends, family members, or coworkers, giving you added peace of mind and making it easy to collaborate on surveillance efforts.

Web Camera Pro is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for all your monitoring and surveillance needs, whether you're looking to protect your business, home, or furry friends. With its range of features and easy setup, Web Camera Pro is a must-have for anyone looking to stay on top of security.

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With reliable transmission and high-quality video streaming, Web Camera Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to monitor their property
Camera Motion Detector
Transform your phone into a sophisticated smart camera with advanced object detection and video surveillance capabilities. Once the application detects a person in the frame, it automatically saves the video to your phone or VideoSurveillance.Cloud server for secure storage. With the smart detector technology, the camera only records video when motion occurs, ensuring efficient use of storage space.