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Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance: Prospects for Use

With the help of artificial intelligence, ordinary video cameras are transformed into smart security devices that understand what is happening on the video. This is possible thanks to the detection of objects using computer vision technology.

Devices are connected by any video camera, remotely online and via the Internet. Intelligent subsystem independently finds a network camera and connects it to the program. The first video surveillance system that is available to the mass user.

In video surveillance using artificial intelligence, events are automatically recognized, information is sent to the youtube server, to mobile, other devices, to telegram. It is also possible to think in events to recognize objects on the air.

Surveillance, which uses artificial intelligence, has a lot of advantages. Many video surveillance systems are ineffective, because can only record video in the archive. And video surveillance with the participation of artificial intelligence is based on modern technologies based on neural networks that are trained on large amounts of information.

For example, a security guard is in front of the monitor, where there are many small pictures. He tries to see what is happening in the frame. The artificial intelligence program identifies and helps bring up exclusively necessary events from the entire incoming video stream to the video surveillance screen. Artificial intelligence saves disk space, hardware costs through intelligent processing. Videos are received on the mobile when any specific events occur. Therefore, you can see in real time where the villain or the troublemaker is.

You can use CCTV with artificial intelligence for different purposes. It is used in small business, for the "protection" of a house, yard, hall near the elevator, in a parking lot, in an apartment, for the protection of various objects, as an observation of animals, children, actions of a nanny or for monitoring cliners / housewives.

The problems that arise with video surveillance can be solved very simply. It is enough to choose cloud technologies and artificial intelligence. These technologies will make the video surveillance process simple and convenient.